Peruvian Canadian Institute Leads Bicentennial of Peru Celebrations in Canada

Article titled "Celebrating 60 Years of Post-Secondary Education Excellence at Huntington University" for 50+ Lifestyle Magazine written by Todd Robson for Huntington University, Fall 2020

The Peruvian Canadian Institute (PCI) at Huntington University, recently hosted the Canadian National Launch of Bicentennial of Peru Celebrations. The virtual event, proudly presented in partnership by Huntington University and the Embassy of Peru to Canada, featured a screening of two short films highlighting the vibrant culture of Peru: Lo mejor del Gran Teatro Nacional and Episodio de la serie Más Rico dedicado al Ceviche peruano.
“Today marks the Bicentenario del Perú, and a year where our country proudly commemorates two centuries of existence as an independent Republic. The Embassy of Peru to Canada is very proud to work at a national level in partnership with Dr. Kevin McCormick, Founding President of the Peruvian Canadian Institute, to promote Peruvian culture in Canada. Throughout 2021, the institute has been focused on the promotion and implementation of activities concerning Peru’s Bicentennial.  As such, the Peruvian Canadian Institute continues to effectively position itself as a key institution to contribute substantially in the consolidation of the Peru-Canada relationship.”  
-His Excellency Roberto Rodriguez Arnillas, Ambassador of Peru to Canada and PCI Distinguished Fellow (Inaugural recipient - 2021)
“Huntington University, through the Peruvian Canadian Institute, takes great pride in being the national lead in Canada to launch Bicentennial of Peru celebrations. The establishment of the Peruvian Canadian Institute is truly historic as it is the first institute of its kind to develop highly collegial bridges between the countries of Canada and Peru. The ongoing support of the Embassy of Peru to Canada, and Ambassador Rodriguez Arnillas, in my view is a vote of confidence in the work we are doing as we continue to support the Bicentennial as well as foster dynamic partnerships in a multitude of areas including education, the economy, politics, resource management, trade and culture.”
-Dr. Kevin McCormick, President and Vice-Chancellor of Huntington University and Founding President of the Peruvian Canadian Institute

The films screened as part of the Peruvian Canadian Institute’s Canadian National Launch of Bicentennial of Peru Celebrations were produced by the Ministry of Culture in Peru to mark the Bicentennial.

Lo mejor del Gran Teatro Nacional is a film that offers viewers the opportunity to experience some of the best shows presented in the last three years by the Gran Teatro Nacional, the main theatre and concert hall in Peru. The presentations highlight the tradition of Peruvian music and dances, folklore from the coast, mountains and jungle, tributes to Peruvian composers and singers Chabuca Granda and Alicia Maguiña, as well as the interpretation of great works of lyrical and universal ballet by Peruvian national casts.
Episodio de la serie Más Rico dedicado al Ceviche peruano is dedicated to one of the emblematic dishes of Peruvian cuisine: Ceviche. Various chefs, gastronomy critics and experts in general, discuss some approaches to the origin of our national dish, its development and evolution in recent years, as well as the importance of ensuring its sustainability through the responsible management of fishery and agricultural resources. The program is hosted by Gastón Acurio, a well known Peruvian chef, and closes with the preparation of Ceviche by the chef Tomas Matsufuji.
Both films, including several others, can be viewed online through the Embassy of Peru’s YouTube channel. 
“This is a milestone anniversary year for Peru, and thanks to the Embassy of Peru to Canada our university and the Peruvian Canadian Institute have been afforded the opportunity to share a selection of amazing films, highlighting the vibrant arts, culture and cuisine of Peru, with our fellow Canadians as well as guests from across Latin America. We take great pride in having a role to play in Canada in bringing these stories to the forefront, as we join our Peruvian friends and colleagues in celebrating this national holiday.” 
-Mrs. Bela Ravi, Chancellor, Huntington University
“I continue to be impressed with the outstanding work of the Peruvian Canadian Institute. In 2021, under the umbrella of the Bicentennial year, the PCI and Huntington University have hosted an international summit, signed educational partnerships with Peruvian universities, presented 25 Distinguished Fellowships, and continue to build meaningful relationships with leaders and experts in business, education, Indigenous relations and more. The Canadian National Launch of Bicentennial of Peru celebrations focused the spotlight on the amazing and diverse cultures of Peru, and fostered a sense of community spirit among Canadians and Peruvians during this exciting milestone anniversary.”
-Marc G. Serré, Member of Parliament for Nickel Belt, Chair of the Canadian Section of ParlAmericas, and Founding Chair of the Peruvian Canadian Institute Advisory Council

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