Huntington University Supports Local Holiday Hamper Initiative

‘Tis the season for giving and at Huntington University supporting meaningful community initiatives as part of our tree lighting is an annual tradition.  

For 2022, Huntington University is kicking off the festive season by providing a community gift to financially support a holiday hamper initiative. This yearly project, undertaken by Réseau ACCESS Network, provides holiday hampers – containing food, hygiene products, winter attire, and some holiday gifts – to marginalized members of our community including the homeless and poorly housed. 

“With this generous contribution to our annual holiday hamper campaign, Huntington University is helping to make an impact in the lives of our members and patients, who are at greater risk of HIV and/or Hepatitis C.  We will begin distributing the hampers next week, and thanks to this support we will be able to reach our goal of giving out over 100 hampers this season to help feed, support and bring holiday joy to the individuals we serve and their families.” – Heidi Eisenhauer, Executive Director, Réseau ACCESS Network

2022 will mark the 15th year that Huntington University has celebrated the lighting of its Christmas tree – the tallest lit Christmas tree in Northern Ontario, now estimated to be about 45-feet tall.  Every year, the university leverages the event as an opportunity to shine a spotlight on a local group, while raising awareness of the organization and its work in the community. 

“Huntington University has always honoured its core values of community service and civic leadership. Réseau ACCESS Network provides valuable services to vulnerable and at-risk populations in our community throughout the entire year.  During the festive season, it’s especially nice to see them providing community gifts of holiday hampers, filled with essentials and festive joy, to those in need.  We are proud to support this initiative so that as many holiday hampers as are needed are distributed in our community.” – Dr. Kevin McCormick, President and Vice-Chancellor, Huntington University

“We hope that the lights on our tree will brighten the season for our campus and wider community this festive season.  The work that Réseau ACCESS Network is doing in our community, in service to their members and patients, is tremendous and vital to those it supports.  Many of us will be safe, comfortable, and surrounded by family and friends.  That is not the case for everyone, and this holiday hamper project offers dignity and an emotional boost during the festive season for those in need.” – Mary-Liz Warwick, Chair, Huntington University Board of Regents

“The Huntington University tree lighting, which always includes a donation to a community group, is a great way to raise awareness of the amazing work going on in Greater Sudbury.  I’m always impressed by the organizations, such as Réseau ACCESS Network, that are working to make our community a better place to live.  As Chancellor, I take great pride in knowing that our university has a role to play, every festive season,  in shining the spotlight on their dedicated and meaningful efforts.” – Dr. Bela Ravi, Chancellor, Huntington University  

To learn more about Réseau ACCESS Network, or to donate, please visit

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