Celebrating 60 Years of Post-Secondary Education Excellence

In 2020, we celebrated 60 years of post-secondary education excellence in the north!

And, although our 60th anniversary year coincided with a global pandemic, we still found creative ways to celebrate and honour our past, present and future, while giving back to our community. 

  • On behalf of Thorneloe University, please accept our hearty congratulations on the sixtieth anniversary of the creation of Huntington University. Huntington University has taken new and successful directions, which are an inspiration to us all. As members of the Laurentian Federation, your success is our success. Lastly, with Huntington's roots in the United Church of Canada, and Thorneloe's affiliation with the Anglican Church of Canada, our collaboration over the past decades represents both the ecumenical challenges and achievements of our ecclesial bodies. As the motto of the United Church of Canada says, Ut omnes unum sint, "may they all be one.
    Dr. John Gibaut
    President, Provost and Vice-Chancellor, Thorneloe University
  • Huntington University has enjoyed 60 years of bringing education to the Greater Sudbury community, with a unique history, a past anchored in a desire to create forward-moving change for our communities as well as a deep commitment to shaping the next generation of young leaders from the North and beyond. Congratulations on this important milestone and the legacy you have created in our communities!
    Robert Haché, Ph.D.
    President and Vice-Chancellor, Laurentian University
  • On behalf of the University of Sudbury, I send sincere congratulations to Huntington University and our friend President Kevin McCormick on this wonderful milestone. We join in your celebration of sixty years of promoting community, scholarship and service in Northern Ontario. We are blessed to have you as a federated partner and look forward to a bright future together.
    Fr. John Meehan, SJ, PhD
    President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Sudbury

60th Anniversary NEWS

Article titled "Our Past, Our Future" for 50+ Lifestyle Magazine written by Dr. Scott Darling for Huntington University, Summer 2021

Our History, Our Future|Dr. Scott Darling

Seniors 50+ Lifestyle Magazine | Summer 2021 | Page 20


 Huntington University and St. Andrew’ United Churchshare a historic and long-lastingpartnership.  Dr. Scott Darling, Vice-Chair of the Huntington University Board of Regents, writes about how this ongoing partnership is being commemorated through a meaningfulrenewal project.


Article titled "Celebrating 60 Years of Compassion and Community" for 50+ Lifestyle Magazine written by Bela Ravi for Huntington University, Spring 2021

Celebrating 60 Years of Compassion and Community|Mrs. Bela Ravi

Seniors 50+ Lifestyle Magazine | Spring 2021 | Page 10


 Mrs. Bela Ravi, Chancellor of Huntington University, shares her thoughts on how  Huntington University, in its 60th year, continues to play a vital and important role in higher educationbut also in our communities.


Huntington Helps Emergency Bursary Fund |December 2020


Huntington University and TD Bank Group are partnering to support a second round of the Huntington Helps Emergency Bursary Fund. TD is investing $10,000 so that applications for emergency bursaries can reopen. An additional contribution by Huntington University, as part of its 60th anniversary celebrations, will ensure that 60 emergency bursaries can be awarded in this round of applications.  

Open to all post-secondary students across the Greater Sudbury community. Apply today


Together May we Grow | Thomas Barker

Seniors 50+ Lifestyle Magazine | Winter 2021 | Page 8


Thomas Barker - a proud Huntington University alumni, member of the Board of Regents, and the President of the Alumni Association - shares his memories of Huntington University. 


Discover more stories shared by our alumni, from the 1960's through to today, by visiting our alumni profiles page. 


Chancellor Announcement | November 26, 2020


As Huntington University continues to celebrate its 60th anniversary, the Board of Regents announces Mrs. Bela Ravi, as the new Chancellor of Huntington University, to guide the institution through this auspicious and exciting celebratory year. 



Huntington Helps Emergency Bursary Fund | March and April 2020


In March 2020, Huntington University established the Huntington Helps Emergency Bursary Fund – a $25,000 COVID-19 response initiative to assist ALL post-secondary students in need, across the Greater Sudbury community. Due to high demand and urgent need, 100 emergency bursaries were provided to students representing all of the major university and college institutions in our community, who were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Article titled "Celebrating 60 Years of Post-Secondary Education Excellence at Huntington University" for 50+ Lifestyle Magazine written by Todd Robson for Huntington University, Fall 2020

Celebrating 60 Years of Post-Secondary Education Excellence at Huntington University - pages 16 & 17

Seniors 50+ Lifestyle Magazine | Fall 2020


Thank you to our alumni Roy Eaton (left) and Wendy Beauchamp (right) who joined President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Kevin McCormick for this cover shoot for the fall issue of Seniors 50+ Lifestyle Magazine. Their stories, harkening back to the late 1960’s at Huntington University are highlighted.


Article titled "Celebrating 60 Years of Post-Secondary Education Excellence at Huntington University" for 50+ Lifestyle Magazine written by Todd Robson for Huntington University, Fall 2020

Huntington University | 60 Years and Still Moving Forward 

2020 Sudbury Vision for the Future (Northern Life) | January 2020 | Pages 21 & 22


Chancellor Emeritus, Edward J. Conroy, has been a part of Huntington University’s legacy since the 1950’s. Dr. Conroy shares his memories from those early years, and his thoughts as Huntington University looks ahead to the next 60 years.