Peruvian Canadian Institute Honours Ambassador of Peru to Canada

His Excellency Roberto Rodríguez Arnillas, Ambassador of Peru to Canada, has been named the inaugural recipient of a Distinguished Fellowship from the Peruvian Canadian Institute.  The award, presented this morning in a virtual ceremony featuring invited guests from Canada and Peru, recognizes Ambassador Rodríguez Arnillas for his contributions in the development of international relations between both countries. 

His Excellency Roberto Rodríguez Arnillas has served in the role of Ambassador of Peru to Canada since June 29, 2018.  He is a career diplomat in the Peruvian Foreign Service with more than 30 years’ experience, in a multitude of high profile positions within the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Offices of the President and Prime Minister of Peru, Embassies in Canada, Brazil and the United States, and as Deputy Permanent Representative of Peru to the United Nations in New York. Ambassador Roberto Rodriguez has also been awarded the Order of Merit for Distinguished Services by the Peruvian Government.

“I am truly honoured to be named the inaugural recipient of a Distinguished Fellowship from the Peruvian Canadian Institute. Dr. Kevin McCormick and MP Marc G. Serré, as partners in this innovative institute, have already established an impressive network of key leaders in government, business and education, to move their vision forward.  As leaders they are forging a path to success that will see both Canadians and Peruvians working together in the coming years on many interesting and pioneering projects to highlight both countries.” - His Excellency Roberto Rodríguez Arnillas, Ambassador of Peru to Canada and PCI Distinguished Fellowship Recipient (2021)

The virtual presentation ceremony held this morning, included participation from Ambassadors and representatives from numerous Latin American Embassies in Canada, including Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador and Honduras.  Representing the Canadian government, The Honourable Karina Gould, Minister of International Development provided remarks via video, and Mr. Ralph Jansen, Ambassador of Canada to Peru, offered remarks to highlight the 200th anniversary of Peruvian Independence, in 2021.

“The commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the Independence of Peru, which will be celebrated throughout 2021, is something I am very much looking forward to as Ambassador of Canada to Peru. During this milestone year, the Peruvian Canadian Institute will no doubt provide a venue for Canadians and Peruvians to identify common themes and establish an open space for discussion. It will also contribute to the celebration of the rich and profound contributions that Peruvians have made in their own country, in Canada and around the world during this anniversary year.” – Mr. Ralph Jansen, Ambassador of Canada to Peru

The Peruvian Canadian Institute, which is housed at Huntington University in Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, aims to support and foster enhanced relationships between both nations through activities such as a Fellowship program, scholarships, as well as events in both countries. During 2021, events and activities will focus on celebrating and highlighting outstanding contributions in culture, education, diplomatic relations, business, mining, and more. Among some of the initiatives in development to recognize Peru’s 200th anniversary year are the establishment of commemorative academic awards for students in both countries, agreements with post-secondary partners in Peru, presentations of Distinguished Fellowships to citizens and/or groups in Canada and Peru, and a virtual Summit to be held in the coming months.

“On behalf of MP Serré and myself, I would like to offer my sincere congratulations to His Excellency Roberto Rodriguez Arnillas, our inaugural Distinguished Fellowship recipient.  He holds an impressive and lengthy career in the Peruvian Foreign Service, and as Ambassador of Peru to Canada, continues to promote and champion international relations between our countries, while raising awareness of our enduring cooperation as nations. The Peruvian Canadian Institute eagerly looks forward to the next 12 months, as the Bicentennial will offer many opportunities for collaboration and partnership between Canada and Peru in the areas of education, culture, trade, business, resource management and more.” - Dr. Kevin McCormick, Founding President of the Peruvian Canadian Institute and President and Vice-Chancellor of Huntington University

“Dr. Kevin McCormick and I, as partners in the Peruvian Canadian Institute, are wholeheartedly committed to ensuring the 200th anniversary year of Peru’s Independence is recognized through various events and activities that bring together leaders from both countries, profile deserving individuals and groups for their profound and rich contributions to both nations, and more. 2021 offers a unique opportunity for the Peruvian Canadian Institute to foster enhanced relations and new partnerships in Canada and Peru, as we work with and for the benefit of students, citizens, and organizations in both countries.” - Marc G. Serré, Chair of the Peruvian Canadian Institute Advisory Council, Member of Parliament for Nickel Belt, Chair of the Canadian Section of ParlAmericas

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