Huntington University Refugee Scholarship Fund Recipients Announced

Huntington University is proud to announce the first recipients of the Huntington University Refugee Scholarship Fund.  The scholarship program was established in June 2018 when Huntington University hosted a World Refugee Day event featuring Dr. Samantha Nutt, award-winning humanitarian, bestselling author and Founder of the internationally renowned non-profits War Child Canada and War Child USA. The event also served as an opportunity to recognize the dedication of volunteer groups involved in local sponsorship and resettlement. As such, in this the inaugural year, the scholarship has been named in honour of former mayor and Member of Parliament for Sudbury, Jim Gordon and his wife Donna Gordon, who are founding members of the sponsorship group Sudbury Project Hope. Two Jim and Donna Gordon scholarships have been presented.

Mario Arop, originally from South Sudan is studying nursing at Sault College, and Elphase Izibose of Rwanda is currently pursuing a degree in the study of human and social issues at l’Université de Hearst.  Both have received a $1,000 scholarship to pursue their studies in 2019/20.

“Having dedicated much of my own personal time, resources and funds to support refugee initiatives, I am keenly aware of the challenges facing refugees and displaced people. This scholarship program offers the opportunity to remove barriers to education, while creating a truly inclusive sense of community and support for refugee students in Northern Ontario who are working to build a new and successful life for themselves in Canada.” – Dr. Kevin McCormick, President and Vice-Chancellor of Huntington University

“Along with numerous other volunteers, we (Jim and Donna Gordon) have dedicated  much of our time over the past few years to aid refugees in need of safe   asylum who are resettling in the City of Greater Sudbury. We are humbled by   Dr. Kevin McCormick’s leadership and honoured that Huntington University has established a scholarship fund to support the educational goals of young people who are starting their new lives as Canadians.” – Jim Gordon and Donna Gordon, Sudbury Project Hope 

“I’m humbled and grateful to receive your special support. You have no idea how much your help has meant. Once again, thank you so much.” – Mario Arop 

“This shows me how our future is brilliant, and every single step can contribute to a great change in our lives. This also offers encouragement during my studies. I am always moving towards my goals, and I can’t wait to see myself helping others in the future and bringing changes in our communities.”– Elphase Izibose 

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