Huntington University Serves Up Thanksgiving Dinner for Students

“From a community to a family!” was the perfect toast given this weekend by Armel Yamdjeu, Huntington University Residence Student Council President. He and a group of about a dozen fellow students stayed north this past weekend, and safely gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving.

With local and provincial leaders advising reduced travel and keeping within our bubbles for the holiday, students from Huntington University heeded that call and got together, in small groups, to give thanks and enjoy a festive meal together.  The meal for the students was provided by the administration at Huntington University.

“We wanted everybody to have a great meal and ideally a great memory of this Thanksgiving,” said Dr. Kevin McCormick, Huntington University President and Vice-Chancellor. “Students are giving up a lot staying local this holiday, it was the least we could do to say thanks for keeping the health of others and themselves top of mind.”

“I feel very fortunate to have dinner with people at Huntington who make living away from home easy,” said Katy McDonald, the Resident Supervisor at Huntington University.  “Small gestures by the President and administration, such as providing students with a Thanksgiving meal, are one of the many reasons Huntington University feels like a home, and a community.  I have lived here for 5 years, and I am very thankful and proud to be a part of this residence and the Huntington community.”

“Thank you very much to Huntington University for providing us with a great meal for Thanksgiving,” said Yamdjeu.  “With the pandemic, it has been a different year for all of us to adjust to.  Any opportunity to foster that sense of community and friendship among our residents is especially important and welcomed.”

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