Alumni Profiles

Wendy Beauchamp

Class of 1968

Wendy Beauchamp graduated from Huntington University in 1968. She chose Huntington because she came from a small community and was the oldest of six children. She sought a school that had smaller classes where professors and students could interact, and the teaching would be more intimate. She looks back fondly at her time at Huntington and recalls some great memories.


“I remember living in residence and the boys and girls were separated by a big steel door,” says Wendy. “This very much met the approval of my parents at the time. I look back now, and it was such an innocent time. Being part of the Huntington community really gave each of us a good foundation. There was no internet, no email, and no texting. Communication was between people and we all shared this fantastic sense of comradery.”


As Wendy also recalls, all these decades later, some things haven’t changed.


“We had this rivalry with students from Thorneloe University just up the hill. There were always snowball fights and they even raided our residence with water balloons one time. We were all friends and there was this shared sense of optimism that just made the experience so great.”


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