What is the Laurentian Federation?


Huntington University is one of four equal and independent partners in the Laurentian Federation. In 1960, Huntington University, the University of Sudbury and Thorneloe University joined to create an educational partnership unique to the north. Today, as the founding members of higher learning in Greater Sudbury, Huntington University along with the other federated partners, hold historic roles in the creation of Laurentian University.   


As such, students who register as Laurentian University students have the opportunity to study at any of the four federated universities on campus. Courses, majors and minors taken at any of these universities are credited towards a Laurentian University degree.

In a nutshell: 1 Federation (4 universities) = more choices, allowing you to study exactly what you want!





 Are You An #HUFan?


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