Alumni Profiles

The Rev. Dr. G. Malcolm Sinclair

Class of 1967

Malcolm attended Huntington University from 1964, and graduated in 1967. After graduation he followed his calling to become a United Church Minister for more than half a century.


“I remember our group being the first students to have classes in the new building,” recalls Malcom. “The walls were still dripping with wet paint, there were wires with bare bulbs and the desks had old wooden tops with inkwells.”


Malcolm highlights the tight-knit community feeling that had such great spirit among friends. He recalls the cold Sudbury winters; the Silas Huntington parades that brought out the fun and often mischievous competition between Huntington and University of Sudbury students.


“My lasting experience was meeting Dr. Newberry on my first night,” says Malcolm. “I didn’t know anybody in the north, and even lived in his attic for the first few weeks of school. He was a true saint in every sense of the word.”