Alumni Profiles

Patrick Busby

Class of 2003

Patrick Busby moved into the Huntington Residence in 1999 and lived there until 2003.  During this time, he proudly served as president of the Huntington University Residence Student Council (HURSC) from 2001 through 2003.


 “At Huntington, it’s where I met so many lifelong friends including my wife,” Patrick tells us. “Even today, I’m still linked to the same core group of close friends.”


After graduating, Patrick went on to further his education at other post-secondary institutions including Nipissing and Niagara University, but it was his time in Sudbury that he ranks as the best.


“I remember taking a course in Religious Studies, and there was never a problem talking to the professors, we’d even go out for drinks afterwards to keep the in-class discussions going. I can’t think of another place I’d want to be starting out my academic journey. I have several degrees, but when asked, I only mention Huntington when people want to know where I went to school.”


Patrick went on to pursue a career in education, teaching high school chemistry and physics. He is now a Vice-Principal in Georgetown,Ontario. 


Photo:  Patrick with his his wife Chelsea at Huntington, when they were dating (2000).