Alumni Profiles

Dan Racicot

Class of 1963

Dan Racicot was part of the first full class at Huntington University studying English and Philosophy. He recalls classes being held at the local funeral parlour, with suture needles on display and the drain right there in the middle of floor for all to see!


Dan was deeply involved in campus life, he was the author of the original school song and designed the school’s original crest. He is also the proud recipient of the 1962 Philosophy Award.


“On our school’s design written in Hebrew ‘He shall grow like a tree’ has stayed with me my whole life,” explains Dan. “My life is like the rings of a tree. Rings of a tree do not go away. The tree does get more and more complicated - life doesn’t get easier but it does get more meaningful.”


Dan also recalls fondly the lifelong friends he made and still keeps in contact with. In fact, as a gift for his 70th birthday, Jack Watson, who attended Huntington at the same time, carved him his very own Huntington paddle to remember the amazing days and memories they shared so long ago.


Today Dan lives in Sudbury, returning home to settle after spending more than 30 years teaching in southern Ontario.