Honorary Doctorate Recipient

Dr. Scott Darling

Honorary Doctorate of Sacred Letters

Scott Darling is a passionate educator and community leader who has dedicated his time and many talents toward community causes, educational institutions, and environmental issues.


Scott was born and raised in Sudbury. He pursued post-secondary education at Ottawa’s Carleton University, then at Laurentian University, and subsequently at Althouse College of Education at the University of Western Ontario. His keen interest in history led to his first degree and to his career teaching secondary school history and political science.  Scott acquired a Masters of Education Degree from Nipissing University.  He assumed several administrative roles within the Rainbow District School Board, retiring as Principal of Lasalle Secondary School in 2006. Scott was the Chair of the Rainbow Board’s Principals’ Association and the Board’s representative on the Ontario Principals’ Council.  Among other leadership roles he assumed as an educator was helping to co-ordinate the Canadian Special Olympics Summer Games in 1998.


Scott was raised in a family where contributions to the community were highly valued. He learned early on the rewards and responsibilities that accompanied involvement in church, sports, and community organizations.


His interest in sports has evolved from being a varsity hockey player, to playing squash, to skiing and honing his golf swing.  During his career and before, Scott coached football and hockey for many years.  As a parent of three, he continued to coach soccer and hockey.


Scott has served on the Council of St. Andrew’s United Church, a church that played a key role in launching Huntington University.  He has served two ten-year stints on the St. Andrew’s Place Board of Directors, including in his current role as President.  St. Andrew’s Place is a busy multi-purposed community hub that is home to St. Andrew’s United Church, several commercial tenants, and 150 senior residents.


For ten years Scott sat on the YMCA Board of Directors.  In retirement he has devoted time to environmental concerns about our lakes and watersheds by serving as Chair of the Long Lake Stewardship Committee and on the Aquatic Invasive Species Committee for the Greater Sudbury Watershed Alliance.  In addition he is Chairman of the Long Lake Local Roads Board. 


Scott joined the Huntington University Board of Regents in 2009 and now sits as Vice-Chair. He has expressed his delight that Huntington not only helps students strive for academic success but also spends considerable time nurturing civic leadership and community involvement.


As a strong supporter of St. Andrew’s United Church, Scott continues to build the relationship between Huntington and St. Andrew’s, a connection that began six decades ago.  Most recently, as part of Huntington University’s 60th anniversary year, he coordinated a partnership for a renewal project for the chapel within St. Andrew’s Place.  This initiative, which will be unveiled at a later date, will highlight the historic ties between Huntington University and St. Andrew’s United Church and will also see the chapel rededicated and renamed the Huntington University Peace Chapel.  


Scott and his wife of almost 50 years, Susan – who shares his interest in supporting the Sudbury community -- have raised three children, Brad, Geoff and Shelley.  They thoroughly enjoy being grandparents to ten grandchildren, and in-laws to three remarkable people, Christine, Margot and Mark.

"It is truly an honour to be a recipient of the Honorary Doctorate of Sacred Letters presented by an institution that is near and dear to me personally and holds the same core values as I do. My family upbringing taught me the value of contributing to the community whether through sports, church or various organizations. My career in education, working with and supporting students, has been very rewarding. I have been proud to be part of the Huntington family knowing how it is student-focussed and how it nurtures civic leadership and community involvement as well as academic excellence."