Honorary Doctorate Recipient

Dr. A. Oluremi Odulana-Ogundimu

Honorary Doctorate of Sacred Letters

Dr. A. Oluremi Odulana-Ogundimu (popularly called Dr. Remi Ogundimu) is a retired and renowned pediatrician and a community leader who has spent a lifetime enriching Greater Sudbury as an inclusive, multi-cultural and informed city.


Dr. Remi Ogundimu’s medical career began more than 40 years ago when she graduated from the University of Ibadan Medical School in Nigeria in 1974. Her career brought her to Canada in 1979, and she completed her residency in Pediatrics at Dalhousie University in 1983. She practiced in Greater Sudbury as a leading pediatrician from 1985 until 2014 and then took up part -time locum position until her recent retirement in 2017.


As a community leader, Dr. Remi Ogundimu has spent decades bringing a wealth of information, education, advocacy, and understanding to Greater Sudbury. She was a Clinical Lecturer (VPT) Department of Paediatrics, University of Ottawa (1993 -2005) and an Assistant Professor in Faculty of Medicine at NOSM (2005-2014). In these positions medical students rotate through her office for clinical experience.


She has given countless hours and time working with the Sudbury Afro Heritage Association, the Ontario Government’s Committee of the bicentenary of the Abolution of Slave Trade in 2007, and served on the Board of the Sudbury Multicultural and Folk Arts Association in the roles of Vice-President (2007-2013) and President (2014-2018). Dr. Remi Ogundimu is also proud to serve as a volunteer coffee hostess on occasions after service at her church, the Church of the Epiphany.


Over the years Dr. Remi Ogundimu has received honours and accolades in recognition of her outstanding achievements. She was the first woman to serve as the president of the Canadian Association of Nigerian Physicians and Surgeons (CANPAD) 2013 - 2015. She was presented with the Canada 150 Community Service Award in 2017, and was honoured as One of the 100 Accomplished Canadian Black Women at its inaugural ceremony in 2016. Locally, she was named Woman of the Month in 2018, by the Business and Professional Women’s Association of Greater Sudbury.


Dr. Remi Ogundimu has been married to Dr. Fade Ogundimu, since 1975. Together they have 4 children; two medical specialists, a Masters of Engineering, and one studying Computer Sciences. All are doing well.

"I am extremely honoured to see my contribution to our community recognized by Huntington University with this Honorary Doctorate of Sacred Letters. Huntington is an institution devoted to providing oppportunities for higher education for our youth and also fosters inclusion, acceptance, tolerance and diversity. It is a first class university and I am glad to be part of its legacy."