Religious Studies

What is Religious Studies?

The Religious studies program examines the variety of beliefs and behaviours through which people around the world express spiritual impulses, both in formal religions and everyday life. What do people believe is sacred? What do they think about the meaning and purpose of existence? How do they live out these beliefs in their day-to-day behaviour?

As an academic discipline, Religious Studies, does not promote or undermine any particular religion or worldview. It approaches the study of religion as a social phenomenon recognizing that religions have occupied a very central place in virtually all civilizations; the program focuses on the relationship between religion and culture.

At Huntington the faculty’s areas of expertise are focused on lived experience and the phenomena of religion and spirituality within contemporary culture.

List of Adjunct Professors:

  1. Simcha Jacobovici
  2. Dr. Christopher Ross


Admission Requirements

Ontario Secondary Schools:

  • 1 grade 12 4U English
  • 5 other grade 12 4U/M courses

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