Communication Studies

What is Communication Studies?

In Communications Studies, students use a variety of approaches to understand how knowledge and culture are produced and reflected in speech, writing, television, film, radio, digital media and interactive entertainment, the internet, and wireless networks. The Communication Studies program at Huntington University is particularly strong in media and culture studies where we take a critical approach to the topic, as well as the study of information and communication technology (ICTs) and their related issues.

Graduates of the program are flexible and articulate communicators, communication analysts and communication researchers in a wide variety of academic, public and professional contexts. Graduates have acquired a deep understanding of the complex world of communication, its dynamics and its impact on contemporary societies and cultures. They have gained the tools to explore, evaluate, and critically analyze various aspects and intersections of communication systems, skills in communication analysis and the ability to communicate ideas effectively and clearly. A unique feature of our program in Communication Studies is the many graduation options and career paths available to our students, which includes graduate work or expertise in fields such as journalism, public relations and advertising.

List of Adjunct Professors:

Dr. Ann Pegoraro


Admission Requirements

Ontario Secondary Schools:

  • 1 grade 12 4U English
  • 5 other grade 12 4U/M courses

Students may be admitted with advanced standing from college programs in journalism, public relations, advertising or graphic design. In such cases, they must consult with the Chair of the department of Communication Studies once admitted to determine the required credits and courses to take.

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