Office of the President


To anyone who has lived or learned in the north, Huntington University is most likely a familiar name. Set in an urban background and nestled between lakes and pristine wilderness, Huntington University has been considered home to students, alumni, faculty, staff and community members who have come through our campus doors since its foundation over 50 years ago. While Huntington University’s mission has broadened considerably since its inception, new programs, campuses, services, faculty members, staff, partners and benefits continue to join our family.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to meet many of those individuals whose lasting memories of Huntington University continue to resonate. From current students to former Board members and from institutional partners to event guests, I am always delighted when I run into people who tell of how welcoming, friendly and warm our campus community truly is.

While our humble beginnings are set in Sudbury, Ontario, we are most proud of the fact that today, Huntington University is a name familiar to those living beyond the borders of northern Ontario. In fact, one of the many ways in which we have created opportunities for growth is by attracting qualified and talented scholars as well as extending our vibrant educational programs and services to colleges and universities across the province, the country and overseas. Of course, we could not have done so without the support of outstanding people who together, are building the quality of our programs in research and education and strengthening the linkages with our external communities.

On behalf of the Huntington University community, I encourage you to explore the many programs and services we offer as you browse our new website.

I look forward to seeing you at Huntington University!

Dr. Kevin McCormick, President and Vice-Chancellor